Monday, October 29, 2012


It is for certain that many inside the United States, inside the early part of this century had no clue as to what pollution was or the dangers it posed.

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The simple fact was "automobiles and electric utilities are associated with economic development along with air pollution." That is no longer necessarily true. The economics of developing economies nevertheless permit 'dirty' technologies to lead the way. But the passage of environmentally sound legislation formulated to safeguard our resources has proven that dirty technologies don't need to dominate economic development (Tietenberg, 1994, 124).

The use of water resources, for instance the power generated by falling water inside form of turbines makes electricity that's nearly pollution free. But the generation of electricity is nevertheless much more cheaply derived by the burning of fossil fuels than from any other sources (Portney, 1995, 87). Again, technology has found methods to scrub the pollutants from smokestack industries. But it's an expensive proposition, and lesser economies can not stand the price (Portney, 1995, 78-81).

While it has been real that economic development and air pollution were tied together for decades, this represents only the beginning stages of economic development for manufacturing economies. The considered software program of environmental laws tied in with advances in technology to change polluting utilities and modes of transportation are the key.

Toxicity happens after a living organism experiences detrimental results on getting exposed to a substance. In regular problems most chemicals are not dangerous. Other chemicals, for instance pesticides are toxic by model (Tietenberg, 1994, 342). One of the very first steps that need to be taken in adopting a policy for handling toxic and hazardous waste is toxic chemical risk assessment. In the course of ascertaining bio-risk and cause-effect relationships, numerous steps needs to be taken. Work done with TSCA and FIFRA has already proven this out.

Once an accurate list of toxic and hazardous substances has been compiled, it is necessary to understand the possible relationships between the source on the contamination and potential victim: employer-employee, producer-consumer, and producer-third party. The very first two of these involve regular contractual relations between the parties; the latter involves non-contracting parties whose connection is defined solely by the contamination (Tietenberg, 1994, 347).


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