Friday, November 30, 2012

Does My Generation Have a Role in Americas Future

Does my generation assimilate a role in the Statess future? I strongly believe we do; whether its for better or for worse. Our generation has the power to restore cancer and all sickness, solve all of our economic problems including adjudicate the national debt, and solve all of our human needs, such as world hunger. We definitely have the intelligence, but we simply drop the motivation. Our generation doesnt care about problems. Most of our teenagers arent aware whats going on outside of the local anaesthetic social worlds theyre in. We dont watch the intelligence information; we dont read the paper because we find it deadening and uninteresting. We dont care whats going on across the sea in other countries. We dont care about our government, or let alone populate how it operates. We have no political interests whatsoever. Any of us could go most of our lives and not know who the president is or whos in the senate or whats currently being walld. Were more concerned with our cars, our jobs, and hanging out with our friends, partying. We live for the aftermath and for ourselves. We live unlike the 60s where everyone went against our government. At least everyone back then actually knew how it operated. Mother, can I pull the government?
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Citizens back in the 60s were some(prenominal) more aware and knew what was going on to even measure the government and we dont, at all. We dont have the slightest clue. If we dont straighten up, when the government falls into our hands, it get out simply fail. We dont know how to stretch out anything. We lack the interest to be involved in our government and debate about politics. We think of this as the role for our elders, our fathers and grandfathers. Weve never considered what provide happen when they retire or pass on. They most sure enough wont be here forever to run our lives for us. Weve got to influence to be interested in politics. We have to learn to be informed, and interested. We need to know what is going on in the world for the sake of Americas future. Or else, well... If you pauperization to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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