Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Employee Turnover

Employee Turnover as a Sustainability Issue? David Brereton (Director, Centre for companionable Responsibility in Mining) Ruth Beach (Researcher, Centre for complaisant Responsibility in Mining David Cliff (Deputy Director, Minerals Industry sentry go and Health Centre) INTRODUCTION High workforce turnover is a pregnant issue for the Australian dig industry, dampenicularly the metalliferous sector. Sections of the industry keep back to regard high turnover as a pattern and unavoidable aspect of doing business, but this ignores the costs and consequences of workforce instability. current high turnover can threaten the sustainability of individual trading operations and also accommodates it more difficult for the mining industry to make a positive overall contribution to the development of amicable and human capital in the wider community. The importance of workforce turnover as a sustainability issue has been recognised by the ball-shaped inform Initiative (GRI) which has included turnover as a core social performance indicator in its Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (GRI 2002, p. 52). Currently the International Council of Mines and Metals (ICMM) is working with the GRI to develop an industry-specific supplement.
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Once this turn is completed, there will be growing pressure on the minerals industry to report according to these guidelines. It is likely, therefore, that in the near hereafter companies, business units and sites will be expected to present and wrangle data on turnover rates as part of the annual reporting process. This, in turn, will lead to change magnitude scrutiny of corporate and site performance against this indicator. This paper aims to parent understanding of the phenomenon of high workforce turnover in the mining industry and assist companies and sites to improve retention levels. In the initial section of the paper we present data from various sources to the highest degree the extent and distribution of workforce turnover in the Australian mining industry. This is followed by an examination... If you want to get a right essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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