Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ipa Cheat Sheet

AIPA 2: UNDERSTANDING ACTORS, INTERESTS & POWER Institutions ? Basic level bows make it to provide (1) defence and (2) social order ? this requires the presence of a functioning economy. ? State not only produces, consumes and redistributes; its similarly the main source and enforcer of rules of games. ? Rules of games are institutions ? institutional character is related to economic performance. ? Evidence: No country has gotten fatty with bad institutions. Politics ? Politics is the process of creating new institutions. actual institutions create a constraint on this process. ? Political processes stool be analysed in terms of Actors involved in the processes, their interests and their relational antecedent (AIP). ? Actors: Political, Societal(land, labour, capital, business associations, unions, students, military), International (hegemon, institutions) ? Interests: Assume, Deduce or guess by situated intention and observed behaviour. ? Power: voter base, past performance, military control, resource control, shared nationalism/ethnicity, chaste authority, intl support ? Usually, the actor with greatest relative power wins. IPA 3: STATE STRUCTURES 1: ENDS, DECISION-MAKING & IMPLEMENTATION Ends = the ultimate set aside of economic policy, not necessarily what is said. ? Self-enrichment - rentier state e.g. Zaire, Congo.
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Anything possible for highest bidder. ? economic Development - developmental state e.g. Japan, S. Korea. Risk-sharing and high intervention with twist to domestic firms. ? Equal outcomes - welfare state e.g. Scandinavia, Netherlands. Minor state intervention, heavily regulated, little adjustments & intervention. ? Equal opportunity - regulatory state e.g. US, Hong Kong. Minor state intervention, light regulations & adjustments Decision-Making Bottom-Up Pluralist e.g. US, AngloSaxon Top-down Statist e.g. most countries Participatory Corporatist e.g. Netherlands Limited need to rely on government: do on ones own administration can be influenced through... If you want to get a full(a) essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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