Thursday, November 29, 2012

Slavery and the Making of America

Black Hi paper 1 SLAVERY AND THE MAKING OF AMERICA Episode 3: Seeds of Destruction The documentary Slavery and the Making of America, foc habituated on the lives of two African American individuals that were born in the 1800s. genius was a woman named Harriet Jacobs .In the 1850s, Harriet Jacobs began to write an autobiography she would call would ultimate call Incidents In The Life Of a Slave girlfriend. She would become the start-off woman to write a slave narrative. A slave narrative was a published bring written by African Americans who had escaped lives of bondage at a time when state laws in the south make it a crime to teach the enslaved reading and writing. Harriet would ultimately use her words to reveal the awful truth of American slavery. Her story began in the town of Edenton, North Carolina, where she was born in 1813. Harriets first master had ignored the laws and taught her to read and write. After she died, Harriet got a refreshful master named Doctor James Norcom. She was 12 years centenarian with light skin and dark eyes and because of that Harriet became a menage slave. She was to cook and clean, and serve the wishes of the mistress and the master.
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One historian in the documentary said that Harriet mentioned in her narrative that no issuance what the slave girl looks like if shes dark, if shes light, if shes medium, if shes at all attractive, she has beauty, and that was a curse because the master will be after her. At the age of 12 Doctor James Norcom was conatantly haraasing harriet, reminding her that she was his, and swearing to her that she would volitionally submit to him. Norcom had many children outside of his legal marriage with salves that he tended to sell off. One historian mentioned that back then adjudicate said there is no such thing as the rape of a black woman. The courts did not recognize it. At 15, Harriet met Samuel Tredwell Sawyer. The 30 lawyer was from one of North Carolinas most key families. He was a white man that said he was... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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