Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Korea - First war fought under flag of UN, showed UN willing to mother action, millions of Koreans dead - still unresolved conflict, proxy war amid USSR and USA, Canadas most popular war, Korea still divided straight off between Comm. North and Dem. South Suez - Britain/France embarrassed by events - lose regularise in Mid East to USSR and USA. Lester Pearson creates idea of peacekeeping as a way of resolving the conflict - war averted and Canada is fitting to assert itself -refuses to go to war for Britain. Avro Arrow - Canadian missiles that were scrapped for existence too expensive, Canada buys American BOMARC missiles - very controversial Cuban Missile Crisis - Canada refuses to reassert US, stays out of conflict Vietnam War - Canada refuses to support the war, criticizes the US publicly Trudeaumania & nerve Power status - CIDA, middle power, aid and trade End of Trudea age - SALT, Afghanistan, Moscow Olympics boycott Somalia and Rwanda - Canadian military cover-up of torture of Somali boy, peacekeeping failure by Romeo Dallaire and UN peacekeepers. Fears of Communist subversion Igor Gouzenkos revelations of systematic Soviet espionage in the West shocked both the public and ground governments.
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The King government, however lagged in its response, and initially refused to give Gouzenko an audience, loss the initiative to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Member of fantan Fred Rose and fellow Communist Sam Carr were imprisoned for their espionage activities as a result of Gouzenkos information. The RCMP, meanwhile, had found a peacetime niche for its semipolitical division, the RCMP Security Service. (Prior to the war, the RCMP conducted political surveillance on labour and the left(a) through its Criminal Investigation Department). PROFUNC was a Government of Canada treetop secret plan to identify and detain communist sympathizers during the eyeshade of the Cold War.[1] The United States wished the Canadian government would go further, asking... If you compliments to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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