Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Korean War

Korea was engaged in a civil struggle as an attempt to keep North Korea from thrusting its influence on South Korea. Communist Russia and China were strong supporters of the North, and to keep collectivism contained the linked States sent troops to the South. USA troops pass years fighting and dying for a country somewhat had never heard of. The irony of this war is that no unmatchable really paid attention and its memory withered as well as the memory of the men who fought there. You whitethorn want how this couldve happened or how it all came about, and ,yes, there is an answer it just may be a little difficult to explain. Hence this war was known as the forgotten war. A squall rang out, June 24, 1950, from a small country half way most the world and America listened. Koreas geographic realties affected the conduct of war at the strategic, the operational, and the tactical level. Its strategic location made it a conflict point for competing interests of major power throughout the world. As further as the actual land mass, Korea is a country no larger than the state of Kansas. All together, North and South Korea covers an rural area of 85,246 square miles, and only fifteen percent of that can be considered plains ? these are mostly in the southern coastal regions.
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The United States could not allow its interests in East Asia, particularly Japan, to be placed in jeopardy. It was not the nation of Korea but its geographical location that prompted America to intervene in the war. (Sommers, 3-10) The United Nations was greatly concerned with the war in Korea, but it did not take away an army to send. Thus, the United States Army made up quatern fifths of the actual forces sent to Korea. The bulk of the forces sent were placed chthonian the command of General MacArthur from the United States. One of the first attempts to have the North Koreans back was a wise plan devised by MacArthur. He landed his... If you want to get a all-inclusive essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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