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Louis M. Santini 9/13/11 Spanish 115 Spain As a door between Europe and Africa, and the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Spain has been ofttimes fought over throughout history. The Greeks settled its coastal areas as other(a) as the eighth century B.C. , while Celts occupied inside regions. By the second century B.C. , Spain was under Roman domination. In the early eighth century A.D. , the Moors crossed Gibraltar and entered Spain, occupying it for the next 700 years before Christian kingdoms drove them out. This long history of onslaught is still evident in Spains cuisine. Olives, olive oil, and wine wagon-lit it closely to Greek and Roman (Italian) culture. Meat and lean pies argue the Celtic heritage. The Moorish influence is seen in the use of honey, almonds, citrus fruits, and spices, such as cumin and saffron (a yellow spice). A leader in exploration and colonization, powerful Spain was among the first nations in Europe to discover the treasures of the New World. Beginning in the novel 1400s, explorers returned from voyages across the Atlantic Ocean carrying such exotic new(a) foods as tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peppers, chocolate, and vanilla, all native to the Americas. These foods were slowly conjugated with the Spanish diet.
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Spains culinary traditions rely on an abundance of locally grown vegetables and fruits as well as meats and poultry. Jamón serrano, a cured ham, and chorizo, a seasoned sausage, are fashionable. Seafood and fish are popular in coastal areas. Other popular foods are cheeses, eggs, beans, rice, nuts (especially almonds), and bread (a crusty white bread, sunbaked fresh daily, is mutual). Olive oil and garlic are common ingredients. Spain is also known for its wines, including the rioja, made in the northern land; sherry, a fortified wine that may be change or sweet; and sangria, wine mixed with fruit and tonic water. The best-known Spanish dish, a stew called paella, originated in Valencia, an eastern... If you inadequacy to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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