Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Extinction Of The Species

Running Head : Current potbelly ExtinctionThe Current Mass Extinction since the Time of the DinosaursAbout To Drive proscribed Half of the SpeciesNameProfessorSubject / CourseSchool / UniversityApril 22 , 2007The Current Mass Extinction since the Time of the DinosaursAbout To Drive Out Half of the SpeciesA current mass defunctness is waving by the whole artificial satellite . About sixty-five million old age ago , the dinosaurs went extinct due to extreme qualifyings in the stick out that do them unable to survive and multiply Now , aft(prenominal) sixty-five million years , other mass extermination is occurring that would drive out as much as unity half of the of species that exist here on earth . and , unlike in the past when climate and weather conditions were the elementary factors that swept away the dinosaurs , this time it is not climate monsters any longer but pointless human beings that sweep away the inhabitants , solid food supply and the perfect environment that would make nature pro lookrate in large numbers across the world . consort to David Ulansey (2007 , If present trends continue , one half of all species of life on earth will be extinct in less than 100 years , as a yield of home ground death pollution , invasive species , and climate change (par .1 . Once this happens , then there is no exact theme on how serious and awful the consequences would be , since the experimental extinction of plants , sensuals , habitats and sea species like coral reefs would affect our sources of supply of food , piddle , climate , medicinal supplies and energy . Thus , it may be that the extinction of plants and animals may be the beginning of the future extinction of menIn this it will be revealed how serious the current mass extinction is , and what the impact will be concerning the sustainability of our anthropogenic home planet .
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It shall be discussed why the issue is important to human beings - take down now that science and technology is driving fast and extraordinary changes in societies . In a world where human beings see and affect the world , what exactly is at stake ? And what bottomland be done given the present condition of the environment ? In the end , we come out with the conclusion on the best strategy that would help make our world a better place to live inThe Extinction of SpeciesBased on the cut through printed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP , it was revealed that there ar about 11 ,000 endangered species in the plant and animal category (Podger , 2002 , par .3 . This number includes a world s of on the button three decades , due primarily to the destruction of habitants which have been made faster due to tremendous increases in illegal fishing and logging , the conversion of forests to farms , cities and villages , as well as the destruction made by pollution and greenhouse gases that lead to a global climactic change that gives threat to these species . Also , another reason for the destruction of habitants is the transferring of alien species to a far-away , different habitat in which...If you want to get a full essay, devote it on our website: Orderessay

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