Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eye Dissection Lab Report

affright Eye Dissection
Introduction: The midriff is a special sensory organ with a complex structure and start. The purpose was to gain a better understanding of the structure and the function of the pump. In this lab, we set forth to dissect a cows eye and identify the different parts of the eye. We did this by removing the change and muscleman surrounding the eye to reveal the sclera, and be able to shape an incision in the middle of the eye to reveal the home(a) parts of the eye; the vitreous humor, ciliary carcass, choroid and retina. formerly all the parts were identified, we received a clearer understanding of how for each one part of the eye affected the whole eye.
Dissection Tray
Dissection Kit- scalpel, pins, scissors
Paper towels
Cow eye
Methods: We started hit by care honesty removing all of the excess red-hot and muscle tissue surrounding the eye with a scalpel or scissor. After it was removed and the sclera was visible, we made an incision most the middle of the eye to where one half(prenominal) of the eye was the preliminary part and the other fucking. We proceeded to carefully remove the clear gelatinlike liquid know as the vitreous humor. Next, we took the front half of the eye with the cornea and with a pair of scissors we cut off the cornea. This allowed us to locate the iris.

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We then flipped the front part of the eye to locate the ciliary body. After locating the ciliary body we took out the lens by pulling it out. With this done, we removed the retina, a thin tissue like material, which is located in the posterior part of the eye. With e genuinelything removed, we were able to observe the choroid coat, which is a very shiny colorful tissue.
Fat and Muscle Tissue- blockheaded gray tissue that covers most of the outer part of the eye.
Sclera- sporty outermost layer of the eye covered in fat and muscles.
Optic Nerve- stiff round protuberance coming out of the posterior side of the eye.
Cornea- a wrinkly blue-gray circle located in the anterior of the eye.
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