Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Fireworks Work

The way fireworks divulge light goose egg starts with the heating of compounds such(prenominal) as Lithium Chloride or Copper Chloride. The atom of these compounds absorbs thrust when it is heated and this elan vital reorganizes the atom’s electrons. The electrons move from a dishonor energy orbit to a higher energy orbit. At these higher energy levels the electrons are said to be in an excited state. As the excited electrons descend to move orbits they emit their excess energy from their excited state as a photon. This photon is a var. of electromagnetic radiation, which is a track of energy that exhibits wavelike behaviors. The electromagnetic radiation being produced in these fireworks is tangible light. Since the visible light being released is a public figure of electromagnetic radiation then it has a particular wavelength. Relating to the electromagnetic spectrum shorter wavelengths are located in the violet/blue slit of visible light and longer wavelengths are at the orangeness/red end of the spectrum.. The wavelength produced depends on what orbital the electron descends form and what orbital it stops at. From knowing the wavelength you can know the slip of radiation produced.
A good way to understand how these electrons produce energy by moving form higher to bring low orbits is by the Bohr model.

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The Bohr model shows hydrogen’s atom and its electrons. In a hydrogen atom when electrons move from higher to lower orbitals they emit energy that has a wavelength. Specifically if an electron moves from a higher energy orbital to the second orbital the emitted energy is visible light. This visible light produced has a wavelength and by victimization the electromagnetic spectrum you can know what color is produced. For example, in a hydrogen atom an electron descending from the third orbital to the second orbital has a wavelength of 656 nanometers. This relates to 6.56x10^-7 meters. By using the electromagnetic spectrum you can figure out that the radiation being produced is visible light in...If you want to get a full essay, found it on our website: Orderessay

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