Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moira And Hubris

Moira and Hubris
The death of browbeat is sealed not only because of moira, or show, but also from the hubris, or excessive pride, that blinds his logical view in the time of action. Hector’s decision is to play off to the death, ignoring the advice that Polydama gives him. His fate is ultimately revealed when Apollo leaves him and Athena rushes to aid Achilles.
Hector boldly announces to Achilles, “But now it’s for you to dodge my brazen spear-I lack you’d bury it in your body to the hilt.” (L. 114-115) The attitude revealed is this repeat shows how his thoughts are determined by his moira. Hector wishes to kill Achilles and be the admired hero in Troy .
“The Greeks believed that each individual had an assigned fate and the boundaries of that fate should not be challenged.” (essay prompt) Hector challenges these boundaries, despite the belief of his people, and the result is fatal.

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He implores Achilles to “kill or be killed” (L. 77) simultaneously challenging Achilles and fate.
Moira directly affects Hector’s decision making, which climactically determines the outcome of his hubris. The hubris that is retained by Hector end-to-end the epic is generally revealed through his decisions and actions. Hector confirms his own fate when he chooses to battle alone, despite the advice he is given that he will not be successful.
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