Wednesday, March 27, 2013


When the Patriots won the Revolutionary War, several factors contributed to them winning. These three factors were geography, foreign help, and severe patriotism. Each unmatched of them affected the step to the forecome of the contend.
The Americans had a wide advantage with the geography because they were already there to fight the war when the British armies were clear across the Atlantic Ocean. This slowed down the British because their troops and supplies were very far away. The Americans were also spread forbidden over a wide area. So when the British got out of their boats and started marching they were at risk from Patriot ambushes. The Americans were also old(prenominal) with the area and knew the best routes and places to fight the British. That is why its one of the main reasons the British got beat.
After the Battle of Saratoga the cut began to consider responding to the Americans needs. Other countries that helped included Spain and The Netherlands. Spain attacked British along disjuncture of Mexico and in the Mississippi. French paid for supplies and provided military aid. They also gave them warships and without the warships the Americans efficacy not have won the Battle of Yorktown.
The Americans patriotic heart and rubbish skills were important also in victory against British.

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The Patriots fought solid for their land and families. Washingtons leaders and teaching helped with unskilled soldiers learn how to drill, how to march, and how to fight. British and Americans respected George Washingtons leadership and military skills. Thats George Washington was considered a hero by his fellow Americans.
The Americans had an advantage over the British bye keen the geography. The assistance from France, Spain, and the Netherlands provided vital supplies and military support. The Patriotic spirit of the Americans fighting for their land and families filled them with need to win the war. Thats why these three factors contributed to the American victory against British.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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