Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If I Were a British Soldier

Jamie Swetnam
American History to 1865
September 17, 2010

If I were a British Soldier station outside the
Boston tradition hearthstone on marching 5, 1770
My name is John Smothers, I am an 18 year old British Infantry Soldier. I am a little cow chip shorter than you would think an mediocre male to be, and skinny to boot. I have dirty fair hair with a bit of scruff on my face. I am stationed in Boston, Massachusetts near the Boston Customs House. This is my story of the events that happened on March 5, 1770.
On the morning of March 5, 1770 it was a cold snowy twenty-four hours, which was the same as the daytime before. The day had started out as any other day before had. Of course the definition of normal is a bit different than what we have today. on that point were the Patriots, who in my opinion were rebels with no respect for any law except what they had made. There were the colonists that were bonny well content with everything until pushed too far. Who was to know they were already pushed to the edge, and on the nose needed a little nudge to go overboard? Then there was us, the British Army, well nobody wish us being in Boston, we did not want to be there either. All I know is that we were there beneath direct orders to enforce taxation measures passed by the British Parliament.

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The settler and the patriots thought the taxation measures were unfair because they lacked American representation. There were hardly a(prenominal) feuds here and there it was no big deal and comely easy to gain control of the outbreaks when they started.
About midday I could sense that there was tension and that some outbreaks were going to happen. There was more tension with the Colonist than normal, and that was never good. Eventually we handle and blew off the tension and thought everything was going to go still like any other day before. Then came the level hours and thats when everything went hay wire. Tension reached an all-time high when Edward Garrik, a wigmaker was accusing British Officer Lieutenant John golden warbler of not...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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