Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life in Coketown Essay

Coketown is similar to all other towns in size and extent, scarce what makes Coketown different from all other towns, is its fact that it has a double amount of bustling factories. The city of Coketown has factories of all shapes and sizes, from little factories to commodious factories. Each factory has a towering chimney that spews and billows stinker into the air. The air is filled with suffocating pollution. Next to the town lays a flowing river that reeks of dye. Inside of Coketone, the factories are filled with people working. Everyone works, including children, adults, and both(prenominal)times even the elderly, and each age group is affected by the city emotionally, physically, and mentally.
The children of Coketown had life rough. Instead of being educated, most children in Coketown were sent to factories or mines to work. To make things worse, most of the times the children were stuck with some of the life-threateningest, most tiring jobs. First of all, they would be beat great deal emotionally day by day as they performed their backbreaking labor. As a result the children credibly cried a mound! Secondly, was the physical toll that their labor had on the children. Sometimes, the children would get hurt, that they were forced to work through the pain! This leaves them scarred and probably deformed.

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Lastly, is the mental affect on the children in Coketown. Most of the working children in Coketown were most likely mentally unstable collectible to their lack of education, no childhood, and hard, exhausting labor. All in all, the children had no youth and were immediately put into years of depression, restless work, and hard livelihoods.
Adults in Coketown were also affected by the city and its industrial industry. They too were affected emotionally, physically, and mentally. First of all, the adults were affected emotionally because they were poor, had the shipment to support their families, and they had to watch their kids experiencing the same pain that they did. Secondly, was being physically affected. The...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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