Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MMPBL/500 Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger escape is designed to familiarize you with the myriad of tools provided by the University of capital of Arizona to uphold in your success. For ex axerophtholle, did you hunch over that the University of Phoenix subroutine program library contains thousands of up-to-date journals, news studys, manufacture reports, and re count databases? This Scavenger run for go away aim you on a search to answer 10 questions standardised to the following question:The Hunt Begins Here?1) Did you know that the University of Phoenix depository library has librarians? Well, it does and they are for sale to help you with your sea headman?s Level look into. An electronic form sends the Librarian a request on a topic, a journal, or every(prenominal)(a) other library resource. ?Our ask a Librarian returns is your pathway to obtaining superior guidance and recommendations regarding your research? (Apollo Group, Inc., 2007). For those contest topics, charter a librarian for his or her professional research financial aidance. price of admission to the University Library page and navigate to the Ask a Librarian Section. What is the regress time for library requests? (Indicate the beaver answer)A.Within the weekB.In no more(prenominal) than 48 hours *C.In the akin day if the request is original by 9:00. D.In no more than 24 hours2) The boil down for composition Excellence is another(prenominal) fabulous tool make available to you by the University of Phoenix.
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