Friday, August 30, 2013

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Winston TangProfessor MurphyEnglish 228 October 2008Food For ThoughtRobert halt?s ? null Gold Can name?Robert frosting?s poem, ? nobody Gold Can hinderance? is a poem slightly the beauty of spirit?s wonderful but fugacious treasures, such as outgo time with loved ones and chasing dreams. icing the puck illustrates those treasures in sprightliness through and through the use of metaphors, diction, tomography, and allusion.? nil Gold Can lenify?, helps indeterminate one?s eyes to the harsh realities of temper?s path and although we must all succumb to the laws of nature, it is these splinterproof laws that desex life so treasured. icing the puck uses the growth of leaves as a metaphor to the jaunt of life. In key 1, ? constitution?s basic putting surface is prosperous? (1) the green represents the living, term gold emphasizes its splendor of life. In most cultures, gold is passing r ar element that is really valuable. What frost is implying in line 1, is that nature?s first creation of life, like a neonate baby, is remarkable because they are innocent, unspoiled and free of any imperfections. However, ?Her beforehand(predicate) leaf?s a flower, but only so an hour? (4) icing the puck uses imagery to explain that although puerility is a golden and cheerful uttermost, it ends abruptly. ? plainly only so an hour.? (4) Frost uses hour as a hyperbole, to exaggerate the short block of time in which childhood lasts.
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Hyperboles are most usually used to exaggerate situations or objects to a greater goal than they are in reality. However, Robert Frost used it in the diametric way to exaggerate and maybe emphasize how short life is. In line five, ? wherefore leaf subsides to leaf? (5) Frost reveals a depressing fact of reality, that our lives aren?t meant to live in the euphoria of childhood, but to matured into the mundane, working adult world. In this poem, Robert Frost uses... If you want to obtain a full essay, distich it on our website: Orderessay

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