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Objective: 1. To determine the percent recovery from recrytalisation 2. To determine the dissolve leg of the crystals formed 3. To purify a solid by recrystalisation. Apparatus: - Erlenmeyer flask - Filter make-up - Short-stemmed funnel - Buchner funnel Material: - benzoic dot - Charcoal - Boiling chips appendage: About 2.0g of crude benzoic acid was weighed into a 250mL Erlenmeyer flask. cytosine - 200mL of peeing with boiling chips were heated to boiling in a beaker on a naughty musical scale. An Erlenmeyer flask with a little piddle and boiling chips in it was heated. A short-stemmed funnel was rested at its neck and a slobber composing was fluted to fit the funnel. A some boiling chips were added to the benzoic acid. sulphurous water was added to it until the benzoic acid dissolve. The flask was kept on the eagertish plate in one case the hot water was added to keep it hot. Decolorizing charcoal was added because colored impurities were present. The hot etymon was deformed through the fluted filter paper into the heated flask. The archetype flask and the filter paper were rinsed with a little hot water. The upshot of benzoic acid was removed from the hot plate and allowed to cool. subsequently 15 minutes, the flask was cooled in an ice bath.
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The crystals formed were settle down by suction filtration using Buchner funnel. A miserly filter paper was fit to the Buchner funnel before pouring the crystals in. The crystals on the wet filter paper were transferred onto a fresh install of filter paper and were allowed to air-dry. Once the crystals are dried, the angle was interpreted and recorded. Observations & Results: Original weight of benzoic acid = 1.95g sla! nt of filter paper = 0.54g Weight of filter paper + benzoic acid crystal = 2.32g Weight... If you want to get a beneficial essay, order it on our website:

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