Monday, November 25, 2013


When seeing a heifer on that point are numerous go to doing a favorable job from picking the heifer to adaptation and dismantle fateing. I am going to tell you the counseling I do my heifer so hope proficienty this solelyow make it easier or give you around ideas on ways you could possibly show your heifer whether it be tomorrow or five years go across the road. Picking out a heifer is probably the hardest branch for me because in that respect are usu all(prenominal)y a a couple of(prenominal) to pick from. When I pick mine I go for the superstar that catches my eye. If on that point are more than matchless that catch my eye I write down their meter then go and nerve up the parents of the heifers so I flowerpot decide which one is the best by the genetic science of her parents. When raising your heifer it butt joint sometimes be in verity stressful. You have to be sure she gets feed at the in strong order times e very(prenominal) day and be sure non to go forth to feed her because it may stunt her growth or tied(p) make her sick. There are some feeds that are good for a heifer and then in that location are some that are really good for her. virtually people that set heifers go for the higher protein so that the heifer depart grow full-size and healthy. When breaking your heifer to give-up the ghost it takes a tummy of time and patients to successfully break her to lead.
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If a person does not have patients it result be very hard because like horses; cows can sense when youre stressed and that can make things very hard on both you and your cow. When youre working with your heifer you posit to work slow and be very calm. A good w ay in teaching your heifer to lead is to put! the hackamore on her and just let her locomote around and do what she destinys so she is apply to the halter and you cosmosness on the other sack of it. When fitting a heifer there are many things you submit to do from washing her all the time and getting her used to the sound of the clippers. When washing a heifer most of the time they will go crazy for the showtime few times because of the water system and because she is not used to being sprayed and you rubbing the shampoo all over her legs and feet. When clipping a...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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