Thursday, December 26, 2013

Canterberry Tales

THE CANTERBURY TALES IRONY The sawhorse Chaucer rises a great admiration in his translation of the Knight. He is represented as an ideal Christian man who determine prowess, generosity, reputation, courtesy and honor. His prowess is shown in his appointment of major weird battles especially battles against Muslims and his participation in white-tie duels. Chaucer also portrays him as a meek and flabby person. He also gives a detailed description of the knights battle peddle of a comely horse and stained fustian tunic smudged by his armor. Chaucers description of the knight as being gentle and meek is ironical. The crusades make by the knight were marred by forcefully stressful to convert people using their swords. In the Nuns Priest tale, the Knight claims that hearing stories of tragic falls knock over him yet he was a crusader of the same. The Nun mother superior She is ane of the characters which Chaucer describes and is said to confuse tender feeling s. Obviously one would expect the feelings to be towards people. Ironically, just about of the examples given show her tenderness towards animals e.g. a mouse caught by a trap. AdChoices Chaucer gives a description of her clothing which was too insolent for a nun. additionally he mentions her elegant nose and a small sing with red lips.
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The appearance of the nun is reversal to the outlook a nun should portray. The ridicule shows her characteristic of grownup priority to picayune things rather than to vital ones. On a larger perspective, Chaucers irony is a critique of the church breeding and misplaced priorities. wife of Bath Chaucer describes the married woman of Bath a s a worthy woman and a good wife. His descri! ption of the wife having gone to Jerusalem three times shows her strong unearthly maturity. The wife is also depicted as charitable- showing do it for her neighbors. Her skills in cloth-making made her incomparable to the other wives. Ironically hunt to Johnston (1998), the so-called worthy woman had five husbands at...If you want to suck a full essay, order it on our website:

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