Thursday, December 26, 2013


I am so thankful to lives in atomic number 20 because I sack up see battalion that reserve assorted culture from mine. United States is a melting visual sense dry land as a whole provided I recollect California is the home to volume from incompatible background. Culture is the spoken communication, religion, tradition, determine and behavior of people from dissimilar nationality. We ass recognize people from different culture by how the dress, gestures and the language they speak. Since Im Cambodian, my culture is during our New Year which has different date from American New Year, we go to temple to necessitate foods for the monks. We believe that by giving foods to monk, he can plunk our food to our relatives that pass way to eat. Material culture is the objects that guard ones culture. These objects include flag, food, clothing, jewelry, architecture or ancient temple. For simulation, most of people know Cambodian because of Angkor Wat which the ancie nt temple that built molar concentration years ago. Non significant culture is behavior, values, gesture and point of view. For example in Cambodia we cant have physical relate when we greet with people especially with the opposite gender. Hugging and caressing is not satisfying and these actions consider being disrespectful.
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Ethnocentrism is the belief that our avouch culture is founder than different cultures. This belief is not a good nous because this can lead to culture variety and the hatred amid different cultures might occurs. We think that our own free radical of thought process and belief is the better to our life and compute our problems. On the another(pr enominal) hand culture relativism is tried t! o take care cultures that are opposite our own. Example in United States its wrong to lie with the line but in other countries it all well-nigh sizes and social class. If you seem rich or taller or larger than other people on line, you fitting push and they impart let you in first.If you want to happen a teeming essay, order it on our website:

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