Friday, December 20, 2013

Greek Contributions To Thought And Science

Greatest Ancient CivilizationGreatest Ancient Civilization : GreeceFirst Name represent NameUniversity / College you ar enrolled atProfessor s NameSubjectGreatest Ancient Civilization : GreeceThe classics ar regarded to be the bulkyest old-fashioned acculturation before the Romans . The classical s impact on the western acculturation s development is very much appargonnt(a) . The Greco - Roman architectural style was originally employed by the classicsThe Hellenic s piece to Math and cognitionWe credit the Hellenics for their significant contributions to the palm of mathematics and the scientific disciplines . The man behind the concepts of geometry goes by the name of Euclid . His keep gumption entitled the Elements has long been a staple in universities . The occurrence that his book remained unchanged for so many years says a lot about how well he stated his theorems and wrote his lessons . No one could have done it better An oppositewise heavy(p) man from Greece is Hippocrates . He was the first doctor of medicament as a matter of fact . He created an oath for his students to bear before they can actually practice medicinal drug . here s a little excerpt from the oath : I result follow that treatment which , according to my ability and judgment , I will consider for the benefit of my patients , and abstain from whatever is nocent . I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked nor suggest any such advice (cited in Hallofamer2b , 2007 . Three of the best philosophers and revolutionaries of all time argon Greeks . These legendary figures of western civilization are Socrates , Plato and AristotleThe Greek s Contribution to ThoughtGreek philosopher Aristotle first formulated the experience of logic . It is referred to as the experience of the Laws of Thought o r the Science of Reasoning . It is consider! ed as the most powerful tool of put one across that a man has in his possession . The laws of thought are as certain as gravity . It s rules cannot be changed or interfered .
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His works were extended by scholars who came later but they unbroken his basic principles unalteredThe Father of History Herodotus is also a Greek . He was the one who coined the word history for that matter . He perpetually sought to carefully differentiate what was known to be strictly factual , unbiased information from what was immaculately believedThe Greek CultureThe Greeks worship many gods . They believed that though the gods appear in benevolence form , they possess superhuman strength and beauty . The Greek gods and goddesses have been pictured in various art forms . They were portrayed either as themselves or in mythological situations wherein they manifested themselves to sheer mortals , other gods and even legendary characters . The Greek men constantly finds outlets to release their energies . Politics , sports , trade , hunting and many other things keep them busy . While Greek men are rarely at home , the women spends most of their time doing syndicate chores . Greeks are considered youths until they reach thirty . Greek girls except Spartans digest at home with their mothers until after they get married . chance(a) life...If you extremity to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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