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Maple, Acer The common concern of the selected plant for this paper is Maple. The scientific name for Maple is Acer 1. The Maple tree is dense with a pass top of the inning to the highest degree 25-37 meters 5. The bark is rough and, illumination gray to a brownish color that observes phantasmer when it gets older 5. The blades of the leaves argon some 5 to 11cm in length and width, with pointed butt ons 5. The leaves are in like manner a dark green color with white looking hairs, during the fall the leaves move around red, ocompass, or yellow 5. on that point are groups of 8-14 greenish-yellow flowers that grow on the trees 5. Maples native range in the United States is unused England, New York, Pennsylvania, and the Middle Atlantic States, going s let onhwestward by dint of central New jersey to the Appalachian Mountains, then mho through the western edge of Tennessee 1. Maple grows in climates that are coolheaded and moist 1. It also requires from lon g fair weather to partial sun and is very untoughened to high air pollution3. Maple has many ethnobotanical uses, for exercising furniture, flooring, and railroads4. But Maple is near popularly known for Maple sugar. Sugar Maple is the principal(prenominal) source of Maple sugar 5. The eat of sugar Maple is mostly collect in spring 5. It is fake by boiling with about 35-40 liters of sap which garners about 1 liter of syrup 5.
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ane tree can make 5-60 liters of sap in a year 5. Nights that get below 0°C and days that get higher than 5°C are requisite to guarantee a trade good sap flow 5. Sugaring time starts around the middle of February and until the shoemakers last of March and early April 7. Maple 4 To g! et the sap out of the tree you have to use a technique called criticizeping7. To tip off a tree you need to physical exertion a hole in a sugar Maple tree7. malleus a spout to the tree and connect a bucket to it7. To tap a tree it needs to be at least(prenominal) 14 inches in diameter which would mean it was about 40 years old7. The hole for tapping needs to be at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches difficult and it should be at least waste high 7. To make 1 gallon of Maple...If you want to get a full essay, vagabond it on our website:

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