Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Settlement Regions of Earth

The Settlement Regions of Earth Disadvantages of Mountains * High altitude * Hypoxia * Cold temperature No civilizations above 13000-14000 feet * Isolated * sway/trade * Agriculture equatorial Rainforest Disadvantages * Poor defect * Disease High latitudes frigid Mid latitudes Temperate petty(a) latitudes Tropic Continental Drift vs. case Tectonics * Idea of continental bluster came first household Tectonics * North American and Eurasian plates are diverge * Continental impudence and Oceanic crust * brisk crust is formed by magma coming out from the mantle * New crust is compensated by forming mountains elsewhere, The plate is shoved down into the mantle, liquified (subduction), and possibly forms volcanoes. Tundra, northern Norway * non good for agriculture, cold & change * non good for enthral; not actually accessible Namib Desert, Namibia * su b-Saharan * non densely populated The Sahel, Africa * Big hassle: Not very many people, but the population is outgrowth very rapidly * Desertification: Causing a desert by discovery the land Steppes of Mongolia * Steppe Transition state between desert mood and wet climate Mediterranean Woodland * Dry state Dont drive irrigation water to farm * Northern Africa (mid-latitudes), weather comes from the west Tropical Rainforest, West Indies (Caribbean) * Not causative to human settlement * Lots of precipitation leeching minerals out of the soil * Bugs African Rift Valley * Plates are separating Java * near densely populated island in Asia * Living near a volcano produces lots of stiff soil What Factors Affect humankind Temperature Patterns? Reasons for temperatures * Direct sun light (angle of sun) * Land-water heat energy billet Temperature Determinants * Distance from equato r * Angle of sun (high angle nea! r equator) * earthy elevation further away from ground...If you want to get a broad essay, order it on our website:

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