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[pic] [pic] EDITOR UNFAL JAMIL [pic] Wo custody learning in Islam.Page 3 In The Light of Quran And hadithPage5 Wo mens CornerPage7 She nevertheless (Beauty Tips).Page9 Women Education In Pakistan: Causes Of Female Education IN THE climb down OF QURAN AND SUNNAH electronic organ Donation & transplant [Type a quote from the document or the compendious of an fire point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Text Box Tools tab to transport the arrange of the pull quote text box.] [pic] Latest spend disposition by Gul Ahmed [pic] ----------------------- 4.Religiously, people are of the view that Islam does not give up a women or female childs to step beyond the limits of house. novel education can make her a party young lady instead of making her a house wife. Thats why Taliban are blasting and attacking the girls schools in Swat and Northern areas of Pakistan.
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However, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) strongly emphasized on education by saying that, It is the prime duty of men and women to acquire education. 5.Causes of Female Education:- a.The first bring of women illiteracy is the increase in population, which is playing a react role in deprivation of female education. A family having more(prenominal) number of children and less income will prefer to educate the boys of the family, go the girls will be given embroidery or sew together skills. b.Secondly, there is also a misconception that fema les merely have to prevail off a home afte! r being married where as males have to earn so education matters save for males nevertheless not for females. C.Thirdly, we have observed that traditionally, women are considered as the asset of males of the family. So these males are responsible for taking decisions of their lives. In approximately cases, males do 1.Man is...If you want to get a to the full essay, come out it on our website:

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