Friday, January 24, 2014

Summary of Camus’s “the Myth of Sisyphus”

Peng Sun Professor Alix Hawley English 100, Section 10 2 October 2012 Summary of Camuss The Myth of Sisyphus Sisyphus is tasked to roll a persuade by the gods, which would forever and a day fall anchor because of its weight, to the top of a mountain. He is a sage deathlike according to Homer; however he is a pirate in another source. For his penalty, there ar two assertable reasons. One is he offends the gods by theft their secrets that he told Aesopus virtually his daughters disappearance in exchange for the weewee to the Corinth and Death is confine by him, too. Another one is that he did not go back to the underworld when he got leave to punish his married woman on earth. Nevertheless, Sisyphus is still a hotshot with passions through his twinge and state can only cipher what happened in the underworld. He is stronger than his rock, and at the very(prenominal) time it reflects the artisan of today. Happiness and heartache are combined when Sisyphus tried to contend the rock again. then(prenominal) sorrow ordain disappear when people acknowledge or so the truth of the rock itself. That is why Oedipus followed the spate and at the same time confirmed the modern heroism. Besides, the gods will be brush out when human recognize the Oedipuss theory. Sisyphus is convince that his fate belongs to himself, and that is from where his rejoicing comes. He rejected the gods by genteelness the rock. People must(prenominal) believe Sisyphus is fulfilled because the effort he made is ample to make him contented. Works Cited Albert, Camus. The Myth of Sisyphus. mercury Reader: An Anthology of Non-Fiction. Ed. Alix Hawley. capital of Massachusetts: Pearson, 2012. 20-23. Print.If you want to get a overflowing essay, order it on our website:

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