Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Irish Harp

The old Irish harp was a very typical instrument. It was do from bogwood and it had 22 thick brass thread. It was play with fingernails and so harpers had to grow long fingernails to play the instrument. It had a very loud, full, mindful and abundant bell-like tone. The strings would ring for a long geological era so they of ten needed to be dampened to provide pellucidity of tone and avoid muddying fast passages. It was tuned approximately in B flat and tunes for it were based on drones in F and G. They were traditionally held against the left hand shoulder, the left hand playing the pep pill strings and the right hand, the lower strings. During the 1890’s and 1900’s, some modest harps were made in Ireland which only vaguely resembled the old Irish harps with the big, rich sound. This type of harp, invented by John Egan, became known as the Neo-Irish harp. They had 34 or 36 strings which were made from gut or nylon. These strings were played with fingert ips and so produced a practically softer and gentler tone. The strings did not require as much dampening as they did not vibrate for long. The harp was quite alike to the design harp of today, except much smaller and had no pedals. It was tuned in C and metal levers were used to tune it.
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The form was played on the upper strings with the right hand, speckle the left hand played the bass. The Belfast Harp fiesta of 1792 was organised by a group of people who were immovable to move on and encourage the harping tradition of Ireland. Excellent prizes and go past fees were attainered harpers throughout the untaught to attend the festival. Despite this, only ten harpers came and altho ugh the ages raged from fifteen to ninety-se! ven, sestet of them were over seventy. The harpers played for three age showing off their skills and technique, producing hundreds of tunes. A young practice of medicineian from Armagh, Edward Bunting, was engage to transcribe the music from the oral-tradition harpers. Due to Bunting’s guileless music background, he...If you indigence to get a full essay, prepare it on our website:

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