Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unwanted Diesease

Peeping through the pipe of events in my memory lane, I could trammel that it was his paternity who had turned give away to be a grappling iron under the guidance of a famed coach of his clipping Habib Koda at an age of twenty years. This fosterage helped him to develop a strong physique with a muscular and sound mind, so much so that his friends and neighbours would consult him in sorting out the day to day ticklish problems. He was consequently elective as a Mohalla president. As the sawbuck was a needed constituent of life and a system of transport during those days, he also learnt the fraud of horse travel under the command of his father and in due dividing line of time he was considered one of the efficient horse breakers and would tame a rough (Hetal) horse to a thriving (Rehdar) pace. Consequently he was provided with a horse of superior breed. He named this horse as Shera (the lion). He trained the Shera to the extent that the pliant horse would resul t his commands to precise accuracy. He taught his horse the art and implications of playing the spunky of Polo at the Devi Aangan Polo Ground, where the game of Polo was often compete by him with Batarajas of Mukhdoom Sahib, peculiarly during the almond blooming season in Badamwari when thousand of mountain would watch and enjoy the game.
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While the proud Pandits of Matoo dynasty Nand Lal would afford to ingest a Tonga to make his daily hostile expedition to High tourist court on Tonga (a light devil heeled vehicle drawn by a horse) he would be content to perform his journey to several places of Srinagar city especially to procure house contract requirements from famous Zaina Ka dal market on his horse Shera. Afterwards, t! o help his father in advancing his make out activities to the farthest corners of Gurez valley, he would precede long difficult journeys on his Shera. It was perhaps in 1931 AD, when he was camped at Astore, that the political agentive role of Maharaja Sarafraz Khan by and by learning from locals round his interest in Polo Game, invited him to his...If you want to incur a across-the-board essay, order it on our website:

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