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Adolescence is the developmental stage between minorhood and adulthood; it slackly refers to a period ranging from age 12 or 13 with age 19 or 21. Although its beginning is oft fit with the beginning of puberty, adolescence is characterized by psychological and social stages as vigorous as by biological motleys.         Adolescence can be prolonged, brief, or virtually nonexistent, depending on the type of culture in which it transcends. In societies that are simple, for example, the transition from childhood to adulthood tends to occur kind of rapidly, and is marked by traditionally prescribed handing over rites. to melodic phrase this, American and European societies the transition period for two-year-old people has been steadily lengthening over the past nose candy years, bountiful rise to an immature subculture. As a dissolving mover of this prolonged transitional stage a variety of problems and concerns specifically associated with this age gr oup have developed. Psychologists single out four areas that especially touch upon adolescent behavior and development: physical change and yield; cognitive, or mental development; identity, or personality formation; and parent-adolescent relations. Physiological Change:         Between the ages of 9 and 15, virtually all young people undergo a rapid series of physiological changes, known as the adolescent return spurt. These hormonal changes include an acceleration in the bodys growth set out; the development of pubic hairsbreadth; the look of axillary, or armpit, hair about two years later. thither are changes in the structure and functioning of the reproductive variety meat; the mammary glands in girls; and development of the sweat glands, which often leads to an outbreak of acne. In both sexes, these physiological changes occur at opposite times. This period of change can prove to be rattling stressful for a pre-teen. For during this stage of life appearance is really important. A! n adolescent child who develops very early or passing late... If you want to look at a full essay, devote it on our website:

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