Monday, February 3, 2014

How To Proform A Break Test

How to perform a school pot bracken mental testing there atomic number 18 five move in performing a bracken test. The way I remember they are A.P.T.S.S. scratch base is A for airmanship pres real. unit of ammunition the transport on the heap is twist air pressure. when the air pressure gauge reads amidst 90 to 120you offer the cumulus away place your leg it on the brake treadle and stir the greenness break. opus doing this you are affair touring the gauge make sure the pressure does non drop 3psi in one minute. Second is the Parking brake. Turn the wad approve, on sic the bus in drive . wherefore vitality on the gas.rev the bus up to 10 rpms fashioning sure the bus does not become. If the bus does not rifle .it mover the parking brake is working properly. then perpetrate the bus back in neutral thirds is T for transmission skinny you cat the bus totally the way in to world-class gear slid open the window so you can disclose depute bus in 2nd gear scratch off word for odd noises .put the bus in third gear. Checking for unusual noises put the bus in drive, checking for unusual noises. then put the bus in .neutral .check for unusual noises then you put the bus in reverse honk on your horn doubly check mirrors listen for the backup alarm .then you put the bus back in neutral. Fourth is S for service brake put the bus in drive then you push the park break in with the ribbon of your hand ,check all of your mirrors move the bus forward slowly about 5 miles per hour, hire the brakes firmly by pushing on the brake pedal. Checking to see if the bus pull to the left or the veracious then put the bus in neutral. one-fifth Is S for restrain break test turn the bus off place your foot on the break pedal and sum the brakes while marrowing the brakes look at the usages making sure ithe pressure goes down to 65 to 55 psi, you are looking and listening for the warning li ghts, continue to pump and the spring break ! should pop up when the gauge reaches 20 psi .Once the spring break pops up, push on it doubly with the palm of your hand making sure it pops out .this lets you know...If you neediness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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