Saturday, February 8, 2014

Journal Entry 3

Journal 3: What similarities in strong-arm characteristics and in kind behavior do chimpanzees and bonobos address with human? Due by the end of week 4 The physical and social similarities that chimpanzees and bonobos share with humans are not vast but winding in s reacte of appearance the similarities that present. For instance, sexual dimorphism is present in all three order Primates. The contour or sizing of both male and females are not directly cogitate to reproduction, but are influenced by frame size (which is broadly evident with humans and chimps) where the females are little than their male counterparts. wholly three order Primates begin what is called stereoscopic vision, the energy to learn foresight preception or see things in three dimensional vision. This physical characteristic was perhaps authentic from earlier common ancestry, from the arboreal or tree-dwelling stage when depth perception back up in swinging from tree limbs. fovea centralis is the shallow pit in the retina of the eye that enables us to reduce on an objective while maintaining visual contact with its surroundings. respite magnum is also a similar characteristic in which is a large break in the skull that allows the spinal cord to cast and connect to the brain. shoulder blade is the shoulder blade that allows more target of motion or mobility, also perhaps a physical trait actual during the tree-dwelling earlier common ancestry. Prehensile is the ability to grasp or hold and brachiation is the usage of the arms to cause from limb to branch with the body hanging suspended to a lower air the arms. Although, we as a species are territoral we still possess this characteristic. As for social behavioral characteristics, just like other primates we also take up dominance hierarchies; this is evident with elected officials and governments. Bonobos and chimpanzees have a less sophiscated hierarchy but it is evident in our more primal or primitive sta ges as a species the characteristic were mor! e candid. Estrus or the time in which females are...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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