Sunday, October 16, 2016

Film and Text - V for Vendetta

1. The characters Evey and Winston Smith have more similarities and unlikenesss. Evey lives a life of coition freedom comp bed to unfortunate Winston Smith. Winston is in the outer political party, simply last a persistent routine that is universe watched by the police. Evey has a life outside the presidency and works at a TV station. The similarities that Evey and Winston have argon that they both despise the brasss rules, both were party members, they both worked for the party. Evey and Winston were both disobedient. If Winston and Evey were not disobedient than they would follow the rules and do things that they should not be doing, for use Winston keeping a daybook and Evey not exit out after curfew. The balances between Evey and Winston are that they both live in a dystopian populace. Evey lived in a world where in that location was civil war and let the cat out of the bag chaos. Winston lived in a world where there was war going on that was constantly disaster and the living conditions were terrible. The second difference was that Evey was a hero because she fought against the regime and won the battle. Winston is not a hero because even though he was against the political science, at the give the axe he eventually love everything about the government. The last difference between the two characters is that Evey is being tortured by the government into rating V. Although we see that V was the unmatched who was behind the torment of Evey, she does not give in and betray him. On the other hand, in 1984, both Winston and Julia betray to each one other during their custody. This change in storyline led to Evey become apart of the cause, in hurt of overthrowing the government. Winston and Julias actions in 1984 led to their reciprocal downfall, and the end of their plans for deposing Big chum and the government.\n\n2. Realistically, capital of the United Kingdom, England is a beautiful city. In 1984 and in V for Vendetta, London is des cribed as a dark, frightening and miserable place. In the novel 1984, Lon...

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