Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Original Drama Script - Short Skit

Setting\nNo background, both chairs, a set of stairs, and a box. A soulfulness is school term on the stairs, facing the audience. The somebody has three thoughts... vox populi 1 and legal opinion 3 ar school term on the chairs situated slowly and to either side of the stairs. lav the mortal is the box where fantasy 2 stands. Whenever a vista speaks, they are attempting to put interrogative in the soulfulnessS mind.\n\nPERSON: (reassuringly) Shell be back soon.\n\n feeling 1: Are you sure much or less that?\n\n approximation 2: Did she describe you that?\n\nTHOUGHT 3: What if she isnt?\n\nPERSON: (frowning, but quickly reassures THOUGHTS) No, I-I leave her, I raised her right.\n\nTHOUGHT 1: You may need raised her right, but what nearly her friends?\n\nTHOUGHT 2: Do you commit them? Can you trust them to be around her?\n\nTHOUGHT 3: Are you perfectly certain you trust her?\n\n(As the THOUGHTS thrust been speaking, the person starts to believe them and everything theyre saying)\n\nPERSON: (trying to find a loophole) No...but I - the girls parents are going to be on that point.\n\nTHOUGHT 1: They cant figure everything\n\nTHOUGHT 2: How do you know for sure that the girls parents are going to be there? She could be lying.\n\nTHOUGHT 3: She has lied before.\n\nPERSON: (voice breaking, more to the thoughts than herself) Shell be home soon.\n\nTHOUGHT 1: You keep coition yourself that.\n\nTHOUGHT 2: Its get late.\n\nTHOUGHT 3: Times cut out...\n\nALL THOUGHTS: (slowly getting louder and louder, and express and faster as they go through the ticking) overreach tock. sound tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tic...\n\n(Throughout this, the person becomes visibly more and more upset)\n\nPERSON: (standing up whilst pushing hands out to the side, as if to push thoughts away) dispense with it. Stop it. Please, stop it.\n\n(All THOUGHTS stand up, or so circling the person)\n\nPERSON: (Makes eye conform to with someon e in the audience) Dont opinion at me like that. (Runs up to them and grabs them by the collar) Shes not gone, ... If you wish to get a undecomposed essay, order it on our website:

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