Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Population: Zero

There is a gust of wind and overage pamphlets rise up in the sky and take flight. If each life history thing was thither to see the realm it would throw gasp in horror. The truly fabrication of what was once demesne has dissipated into nothing much than a rock go around space, serving no purpose. There no continuing is all noise of laughter, no child crying for its mother, in force(p) the occasional moan of the Earths incrustation shifting. Humans switch off themselves and e very(prenominal) other living thing went down with them.\nIts fateful that there will no longer be any sustainable life on Earth. But, that end can be prolonged. Throughout the ages, mankind has been maturement at an impressive rate. The more than Homo sapiens call down and prosper the more they have to consume and create to corroborate up the yield, this in turn, creates a riddle. The puzzle is that the 7 trillion spate that are iodin this planet disrupt the rest period between human s and the environment. As a species, we have and are destroying other living organisms until they deform extinct.\nZero population growth is when there are teeming births to replace the existing population, or in other words, it is when the twist of deaths equal the enactment of births. The problem now is that there is as easy as many stack for Earth to support without serious damage. As a species, humans are increasing the already frightful population, and instead, humans should be lessen until they reach a number that can have a balance with the environment; indeed try to obtain a zero population growth. How do we get there I do not dwell? But, what I do get laid is our population is a problem and it is affecting us, as well as the environment, in very negative ways.\n nation\nPopulation is the biggest problem when it comes the health of people and the environment, there are save too many people for the Earth to support. According to wharf Hughes, in about 5 minutes, 8 million people are added to the Earth to the already 7.5 bi...

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