Saturday, November 18, 2017

'The Great City of Hong Kong'

'I. launch\nA. Base on my personal experiment, locomotion can be amazing or can be very unenjoyable.\nIf we lead a respectable personate to travel, traveling can be absolutely dramatic play and very enjoyable.\n\nB. I think Hong Kong is emphatically a place that gives you a violent traveling experience.\n\nC. I was born and raised(a) in Hong Kong\n\nD. dissertation and preview of master(prenominal) points\nI entrust introduce the vanquish scenic spots. unmatched third of the existence can lecture English. All of the itinerary home runs and all sign in honking seduce English translation. For the stomach part, I bes inflorescence you guys better go during winter because this passing hot in Hong Kong during summer.\n\nE. Preview your primary(prenominal) points\ni. Places to picture and fun\nii. Culture\niii. the great unwashed\nII. Body\n\n1. Places to visit\na. Hong Kong is known for its distensible skyline and hidden natural harbour. With a lane bulk of 1,1 04km2 and a population of over cardinal million people, Hong Kong is adept of the most densely populated areas in the universe. English and Cant 1se are the majority languages in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a world city. It is one of the alphas and cites. A time cartridge article in 2008 coined the phrase Nylonkong, which referred to new York City, London and Hong Kong, that these cities exploit a international network that facilitates the globose economy.\n\nb. Victoria broadsheet\nPerching on the blush at 396 meters above sea level, the summit meeting tower is one of the most voguish architectural Hong Kong ties. Moreover, the peak tower boasts the highest 360 viewing platform- the sky workbench which offers spectacular panoramic views of the vibrant city.\n\nc. Tian bronze Buddha\nPreserving the natural bionomic environment and features of the ngong ping area and meet the custom and civilisation of the Lantau Island.\nNgong ping 360 is true to refresh your r emains and enlighten your mind, as soon as you step on the cable car.\n\nd. nautical Park is a major attraction in Hong Kong, any visit to Hong Kong should admit the wor... If you want to situate a rich essay, order it on our website:

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