Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Language is a creatorful weapon and in the men of a skilled person it can be utilize to manipulate others. In the job Julius Caesar there are many characters that rely on voice communication. One of those characters is Cassius. He is a psyche and a thin man, according to Caesar, who is commensurate to spill the beans his way out of most situations. He uses his mind to be able to make people do what he exigencys them to. Cassius uses his language skills to his advantage many times and changes how the play flows.
Cassius changed the outcome of the play greatly. He convinced Brutus into joining with the conspirators by making him gestate that he is as good a man as Caesar. To do this he had to be able to know what Brutus was departure to do in order to say the correct thing. He utilise his advocate of quarrel and was able to manipulate the people he wanted to. He started the conspirators and convinced them all to join.
With his power of language Cassius was able to take d profess Caesar, but his words could not help him with the grief he felt for winning another mans life. He time-tested and tried to use his own words on himself but could captivate right through them and eventually had to take his own life. His own words ultimately manipulated himself into suicide.
Another character who relied on the power of words was Mark Antony.

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During the first part of the play Antony was still a person in the background with Caesar. When Caesar was killed it was now Antonys turn to use his power of language to be able to get back at the people who killed Caesar. The conspirators tried to alone allow him to say things about Caesar and not blame them for the killing.
During Caesars funeral Antony showed his power of words. He told the plebeians about who killed Caesar and why they did it. He apply Brutus words against him and won over the power of the common people. Antony used his language to tell the people what they already knew but he said it clearer and they heard him. Although Antony is not the best speaker of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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