Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reconstruction Era Timeline

(Event) Emancipation Proclamation
(Date) January 1863
(Description) 13th Amendment to the Constitution that freed all(a) slaves which was directed that to the differentiates that seceded from the Union.

(Event) capital of Nebraskas 10% Plan
(Date) 1863
(Description) Decreed that a state could be reintegrated into the Union when 10 percent of the 1860 vote recite from that state had taken an oath of allegiance to the U.S. and pledged to rear by emancipation.

(Event) Wade-Davis Plan
(Date) 1864
(Description) Plan that made re-admittance to the Union for former participator states contingent on a majority in individually Southern state to take the Ironclad oath to the cause they had never in the past supported the Confederacy.

(Event) Lincoln reelected with Andrew Johnson as Vice-President
(Date) November 1864
(Description) In the chairial election of 1864, Lincoln was elected president with Andrew Johnson as his V.P.

(Event) Lincolns Second Inaugural Address
(Date) manifest 1865
(Description) Lincolns Second Inaugural Address by and by his victory in the election of 1864.


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(Event) Creation of Freedmens Bureau
(Date) show 3, 1865
(Description) Freedmens Bureau was created in order to help former slaves represent the transition to freedom.

(Event) Surrender at Appomattox
(Date) April 9, 1865
(Description) General Lees army surrendered to Ulysses Grants army.

(Event) Lincolns Assassination
(Date) April 14, 1865
(Description) Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at the cut through Theatre.

(Event) Johnsons Reconstruction Proclamation
(Date) May 27, 1865
(Description) The Amnesty Proclamation pardoned all participants in the rebellion, restored their property except slaves, and required them to take a loyalty oath.

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