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Name: Chi Nguyen
Date: 11/22/2011
SOCI 1301
variety TIME: 10 AM
Interaction of workers in prompt food restaurant
This observation took place in Duc Huong Vietnamese fast food restaurant, which is located on Bellaire Street close to High way 6. I did this observation on November 1, 2011 from 8am to 1pm. The conception of this observation is to analyze 1 a affectionate root, dickens or much people who identify with and interact with whiz an some other, from a 2sociological perspective, the special point of view of sociology that sees general patterns of order in the lives of particular people.
Duc Huong is a small Vietnamese fast food restaurant. It includes six people. There atomic number 18 my cousin and me, Thomas, Celaer and the other dickens co-workers. We are in primary and secondary groups. 3 A primary group is a small brotherly group whose members share personal and lasting relationships. For example, Thomas and Celaer are husband and wife. My cousin and I are primary group too. 4A secondary group is a large and impersonal hearty group whose members pursue a specific goal or activity. For example, the other co-workers form a secondary group. 5Status is a friendly slip that a person holds.

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6 Ascribed status is a social position a person receives at birth or takes on involuntarily later in life, such as the relationships between me and my cousin, Thomas and celaer.7 Achieved status refers to a social position a person takes on voluntarily that reflects personal capacity and efforts. For example, my cousin owns the business sector and tries to be a good business man. Thomas tries to be a manager. Celaer takes care of cleaning. The other two workers prepare food. I try to be a cashier. 8Role demeanour is expected of someone who holds a particular status. Everybody in the throw in tries to do the best job to get the job make well.9Role conflict is conflict among the roles connected to two or more statuses. Thomas is a husband of Celaer and a manager. I am a cousin and a...If you want to get a broad(a) essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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