Friday, March 29, 2013

Womens Education

An quaint Sanskrit saying says, woman is the home and the home is the keister of society. That is why womens fosterage is almost more important than the education of boys and men. We--and by we I do not mean exclusively we in India but the entire world--has neglected women education. It is fairly recent.
We drive got education and there is a debate all oer the rude whether this education is adequate to the needs of society or the needs of our young people. I am one of those who eternally believe that education needs a thorough overhauling.
We do train many shortcomings, whether it is the government, whether it is the society. Some are due to our traditions because, as I said, not all tradition is good. One of the biggest responsibilities of the enlightened women today is how to synthesize what has been valuable and timeless in our ancient traditions with what is good and valuable in ultramodern thought. All that is modern is not good just as all that is centenarian is neither all good nor all bad. We have to decide, not once and for all but almost any week, e very month what is coming out that is good and useful to our country and what of the old we can keep and enshrine in our society.

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To be modern, most people think that it is something of a manner of window-dress or a manner of speaking or authorized habits and customs, but that is not really being modern. It is a very superficial part of modernity.
So, I hope that all of you who have this great advantage of education will not however do whatever work you are doing keeping the issue interests in view, but you will make your own ploughshare to creating peace and harmony, to bringing beauty in the lives of our people and our country. I think this is the special responsibility of the women of India. We want to do a great deal for our country, but we have never regarded India as isolated from the rest of the world. What we want to do is to make a better world. So, we have to see Indias problems in the perspective of the bigger world...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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