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Wwii Timeline

universe of discourse War II Timeline
Brittany Livick
October 14th, 2011

World War II Timeline
Spring 1940
Hitler moved his troops through Belgium and Holland in a blitzkreig
A blitzkreig is known as a lightning state of war. This kernel that a bear on concentration of tanks, infantry, artillery, and air power, concentrating overwhelming force at very high speed to destroy foeman lines, and once destroyed it keeps its enemy off balance, making it light(a) to overtake them. Hitler moved his troops through, and the lower countries fell in all twenty three days, allowing the Germans a route into France. This was authorised in the war because it gave the Germans a running start, and made them more(prenominal) powerful.
December 7, 1941
The attack on Pearl Harbor
Japanese places roared to a higher place the pacific ocean and made their attack on the States in Pear Harbor. For over an hour, planes attacked ships on the harbor. This was a signigicant military issue in the war because it was the Statess entrance into the war. America sided with the Allies.
June 6th,1944
Battle of Normandy, D-Day
160,000 Allied troops landed along a fifty mile beach in Normany, France. This beach was highly protected by the French. By the end of the day, the Allies gained a hold in Normany.

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D-Day did have its prices on the allies; more then 9,000 allied troops were killed or wounded badly. moreover why this event was signicant to the war was because nearly 100,000 soldiers began the march across Europe to defeat Hitler.
August 6th and 9th, 1945
Atomic bomings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The unite States conducted two atomic bombings against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. These two events are the only two events to date where the uses of nuclear weapons have been used in a war. This was Americas way of retallition against Japan after(prenominal) the attack on Pearl Harbor. These events were significant in the war because it eventually lead to the surrender of Japan, and soon the end of World War II.

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