Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Carol

In his no(prenominal)el A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens develops the theme that cash itself does non buy satisfaction. He tells the story of Mr. grouch, a acquisitive abominable man learning ab pop out feeling from lead weirdys who visit him one night. Charles Dickens uses characters with specie and without to support tyke understand. Throughout the novel characters with capital set more or less parties and forgather games to battle array true blessedness. Some characters with funds fagt forever and a day find happiness in what they have, but by what they do. For example, Mr.Fezziwig has money which he spends on a Christmas party and invites a cluster of people to have dramatic play. While the party was going on Mr.Fezziwig started to dance genuinely wildly and he was happy because everyone else was happy. Scrooges nephew Fred has money. Fred is a different loving of man then Mr. Fezziwig because money is of no use to him. Fred spends conviction with his f riends and family by playing games like yes and no. The story starts when 2 portly gentlemen are collecting donations. When they invite Mr. Scrooge for a generous donation, Scrooge turns them down. The portly gentlemen are not petition for themselves but for the people who need it more(prenominal) than they do. The Ghost of Christmas Present is the scratch line ghost that comes to visit Scrooge.
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The ghost takes Scrooge to his nephews house bit they were playing the games and enjoying each other. Scrooge thought it was so fun that even though he wasnt able to be seen he wanted to stay. So now you know about how characters with money dont always use it on themselves. Throughout the novel characters without money simply find h! appiness in their family. wharf Cratchit is a character with little money and finds true happiness in spending time with his family. trail Cratchit came home from work to his family for a Christmas dinner. Bobs family play a prank on him by hiding the old(a) daughter in a corner. When Bob asked where she was the family told him that she didnt come. Bob got sad and then she came out of the corner and...If you want to pick up a full essay, enunciate it on our website:

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