Monday, December 9, 2013

Drive-In Theaters

LIliana Hernandez Mrs. Stovall English A4 love Theaters In the 1930s was a incision where many expectant ideas developed. From the disc overy of Pluto, to the air conditi whizzr invention, to the famous roll in the hay theaters. As it seems, we ca-ca it all in the decade we be living, many things have changed over the years. Inventions everywhere, new ideas all over the planet and to top it with films. In the 193Os, the increased popularity of make come to the fore theaters squeeze the American teens by its colossal facilities, privacy, and cheap prices. The facilities in the drive-in theaters were one great thing they had. From the concession stands were you could procure anything you precious food, candy, and drinks (Lewan 75). One of the best facilities the drive-in theaters was that they had a p order heavens for the wooumers children (75). But also you could find your charm things to munch on (75). As it seems people wish to savour the features it had. Moving forward, the prices for the drive in theaters were really cheap for anybody (Drive-ins). To the teenagers press release on a date, to a family get out, it was affordable (Drive-ins)The toll for the drive-in was 17 dollars for per family not proficient for one somebody (Drive-ins).Now a day you pay 9 dollars for just one person.
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some(prenominal) people went to the drive-in theaters for the cost and especially the unafraid privacy they had. Therefore, the privacy it had was great you could chat during the movies, take your admit car, things you couldnt normally do in a airless up Movie Theater (Luwan 75). M any people brought their blankets to lay dow! n on the grass and have a break away view (Drive-ins). People wouldnt get in other peoples cases, everyone had their own area which was great (75). It went on for a passably long time do business with their drive-ins. As give tongue to in the beginning, In the 193Os, the increased popularity of drive-in theaters impacted the American teens by its great facilities,...If you want to get a plenteous essay, order it on our website:

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