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FRANKENSTEIN AND BLADE set-back EXAM NOTES Module A: comparative degree study of texts and context. Comparative: comp atomic number 18 and contrast linguistic context: EVERYTHING, values and perspectives ANALYSING MOVIES Cinematographic Editing conformation composition Colour/ crowd/shade Sound/ music Script/dialogue playing qualities. EXPLAIN How pawl represents the context of 1818 are both fightnings to the roughshod of technology And blade showtime context of 1982 BLADE RUNNER CONTEXT Ridley Scott is reflecting values by reacting against them. The biggest interrelate that both are dealing with besides the excesses of sciences. -consumerism -industrialism topics being reflected in blade starting time -greed -development at an y cost Post war era, push through of the Vietnam War . Computer industries booming and Ridley scott reflects this throughout the scene. Los Angeles is change chosen as an ex antiophthalmic factorle of industrialism. Economic rationalism- states that the economy dictates everything that happens in society.
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The Reagan& the Thatcher administration created a free economy whereby the organisation had little intervention with businesses this in turn created a swell club distinction where the rich became richer and the poor became poorer. This idea is reflected in the movie by the idea of onworld and offworld lands where only the rich ordure feed to live away from the dead eart h. Thatcherism- philosophy that anything! that technologically advances is nifty anything that prohibits otherwise is bad. Industrialism - A dwarfing feeling is conveyed through the camera tone up towards the buildings and this further expresses the industrialism that has conquered this society. it is constantly repeated throughout the movie. Chose Los Angeles as a symbol of American industrialisation and technology, as a result of this you had the emerging environmental...If you want to get a just essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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