Thursday, January 23, 2014

helen keller

Could you imagine being blind and deaf for your whole life? Well that was the case of Helen Keller. Helen Keller was the main character in the control I read, which was The Story Of My Life. Through out this essay you volition find out what Helen had to endure, what make her successful, and what lessons I limited by course session this biography. Helen had to endure many bereavements. The origin topic that was sad was when Helen lost her hearing ability and her sight. After losing twain of her senses she evaluate out she needed some kind of discourse with others and she began by making crude signs like a gesture of the interrogative meant yes and a shake meant no. It was also thorny for her to learn how to read lips but with the help of Miss Sullivan she got apply to reading lips. It was also very hard to keep up in college when the teacher was giving notes because Miss Sullivan would take her riff and dismount writing in Helens had so Helen could understand wha t the teacher was state but the teacher was so fast so Helen didnt get much of the info. other tragic hardship that she endured was when her generate died. She was in the North, enjoying the last beautiful days of the summertime of 1896 when she run aground out he died. This was Helens first experience with death. Another death she had to endure was Mr. John P. Spaulding who was her virtuoso from Boston. When John died Helen say Only those who knew and loved him best posterior understand what his association meant to me. Helen Keller was successful in a fewer ways. One of the few amours that made her successful was that she entered the Cambridge School for tender Ladies, to be fain for Radcliffe in October 1896. She took English history, English literature, German, Latin, arithmetic, Latin composition and episodic themes in her first year at Cambridge. She was withdrawn from Cambridge after(prenominal) a while by her mother. Another thing that made her successful was the way she was communicating with people. F! or example she knowledgeable how to publish and...If you want to get a full essay, club it on our website:

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