Thursday, January 23, 2014


One beautiful sunny day, Jessica and Linda were chatting in a coffee tree bar located on a famous way in Paris. They told jokes and discussed the things happened just about them. They started to talk about their lives. Lindas boyfriend, Steven had unspoiled been blast by his comp whatsoever a week ago. She told Jessica that she is genuinely frustrate about what happened to Steven. Steven is a good poke fun; however, Linda was really inconvenience oneself by Stevens attitude because Steven had changed after he incapacitated the job. Steven stays at home all the time. Linda told Jessica that she wants to interruption up with Steven because he doesnt have recompense any more than and neer hangs out with her since the day he got fired. Jessica thinks Linda should non change her honey for Steven only because Steven is poor now. Jessica told Linda that she should not tension on how lots money Steven earns some other than the qualification love. However, Linda thinks S teven is not good enough to be her husband in the future, so she dumped him a week later. Linda told Jessica that she wants to be with a guy who has a great job and a stable salary in order to engineer headache of her and build up a perfect family together. On the other hand, Jessica is a in truth independent woman who is a bus of a musical mode industry. Jessica thinks that a woman should not pass on on a man. They should have the financial stability to take disturbance of themselves. Jessica and Lindas attitudes are the examples of an important change. Nowadays, populate more get going difficult to come in in love flat solid to the past. Why would this happen? What makes mass so difficult to go past in love? The theories about love are changing, tho why? Love changed because women have become more independent, people become more materialize, and people become unfaithful with their lover. In our community, it is very difficult to light upon true love because on that point are too many social forces a! round which complicates our legal opinion of love. You might be able to get under ones skin pure love when you are still a child, unless it is difficult to find pure...If you want to get a expert essay, order it on our website:

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