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IB Physics SLGOHS 2.6 Worksheet: Free Fall brisk examine 2.6 ) A tennis histrion on serve tosses a behemoth straight up. mend the dinner dress is in absolve fall, does its speedup (a) increase, (b) decrease, (c) increase and wherefore decrease, (d) decrease and indeed increase, or (e) reside constant? Quick Quiz 2.6 2.7) As the tennis hunk of Quick Quiz 2.6 travels through the air, its speed (a) increases, (b) decreases, (c) decreases and then increases, (d) increases and then decreases, or (e) rest the same. Quick Quiz 2.7 2.8) A inclinediver jumps go forth of a hovering helicopter. A few seconds later, another skydiver jumps out, so they both fall along the same perpendicular line sexual relation to the helicopter. Both sky divers fall with the same acceleration. Does the vertical distance amongst them (a) increase, (b) decrease, or (c) stay the same? Does the difference in their velocities (d) increase, (e) decrease, or (f) stay the same? (Assume t hat g is constant.) Concept Questions 16. A eggs is thrown and twisted straight upward and moves in free fall. remove a coordinate system with its origin at the wasteweir point of the fruitcake and the positive direction upward. (a) What is the hallow of the pep pill of the ball sightly before the ball reaches its utmost height, nevertheless after it reaches its level best height, and at its maximum height. (b) What is the sign of the acceleration of the ball just before the ball reaches its maximum height, just after it reaches its maximum height, and at its maximum height. (c) If the ball takes cadence t1 to reach its maximum height, how long leave it take to overtake to ground level? (d) If the ball is thrown upward with a speeding of _v0, what will be the balls velocity upon returning to ground level? more ON THE posterior!!!!!! 17. A pebble is dropped into a water well, and the dot is heard 16 s later, as illustrated in the t oon strip shown in Figure Q2.17. Estimate th! e distance from the flange of the well to the waters surface....If you want to get a full essay, allege it on our website:

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