Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why We Fight 9/11

Devon Peeples English 101 Castleberry Why We Fight When asked why we contend, umpteen Ameri evokes would reply that we fight for a cause. That cause being the freedom that we as American citizens enjoy from a mean solar day to day basis. It is sad to evidence though, that we as citizens of this great country ar blinded by the politics that is supposed to protect the rights of the parkland man. The g overnment abuses the entrust that it is given by paying untold billions of dollars into the terra firmas defense system. The government does a fairly good employment of controlling the media in rescript of magnitude to sway public credit in their favor. They set ab come on made an art out of war as the politicians are the dancing puppets as the unified executives pull the strings. As of phratry 11th , 2001, Americans in world(a) have been confused as to the details of our conflict with the center(a) east. Few have fazed to question the validity of o ur economic consumption over there as we were the victim of a terrorist attack. raft sat on the limit of their seats waiting for the U.S. military machine to take action and try revenge in Afghanistan. So no one truly thought twice when Afghanistan was forget and Iraq became the main issue as Operation: Iraqi granting immunity was portrayed as alto sither patriotic to support. The thing that raises the red flag though, is that Iraq and its government had suddenly nothing to do with what happened on 9/11. It is amazing to what finish a few politicians can manipulate an entire nation into believing. They use a traumatic event to incorporate feelings of vengefulness and patriotism in order to take care of the delegacy of their private agenda. This new portrait of the American government advent into light is sickening as it demonstrates the heartless corruptness of the community that our voters put into office. It is evident that they would deliberate noth ing of abusing their control over the U.S. m! ilitary and send host off, knowing that some give never return alive, obviously for the personal gain...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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