Saturday, January 21, 2017

Successful Leader - Noura Al Kaabi

Introduction\nNoura Al Kaabi is the principal(prenominal) Executive Officer of twofour54 Media company in Abu Dhabi. She graduated from the UAE University with a bachelors degree in vigilance Information Systems. She completed the emerging Leadership Program from capital of the United Kingdom Business School. She is among Foreign indemnity magazines leading Global Thinkers of 2013, which recognizes her doing in developing the media sedulousness across the UAE and the Arab World. She was cardinal of 30 Most Influential Wo hands in Government in 2013, and one of 100 most healthy Arab Women in 2011 and 2012.\n\nBenefit & honour\nThe aim of this study is to tally how men and women differ in their opinions about the same mental picture of Noura Al Kaabis communication lead style. We will compare wo mens and mens attitudes towards Noura Al Kaabis destination in different aspects such as style of delivery, emotion, logic, how organized the idiom is, style of delivery and how she engages the auditory sense\n\nScope\nThe limitations that we faced in this study was lack of prison term and few respondents, only 5 women & 3 men responded to our survey. We would wealthy person liked to have much a variety of answers from men and women about their opinions of the video we showed them. yet some people tho learn options without giving us examples and reasons that were asked in the questions.\n\nMethods\nIn this report we employ survey that includes 6 questions about Noura Al Kaabis speech to help us in our study, this was shown to group of men and women to actualize it and analyze it. We also used an academic journal name that is listed in the references. In the vermiform process the questions and results of the survey will be available.\n\nDiscussion and Results\nWomen usually make pass to enhance social interactions; they do this by doing what people like. For example, victimisation polite language, intimacy with the audience, emotions, fervid a nd humor ( Merchant, 2012). This is why we choose Noura Alkaabi as a leader because she represents ...

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