Friday, January 20, 2017

Political Cartoon Analysis

The cartoon I chose was the drawing by Doug Marlette, create by Newsday in 1999. It is determined on page twenty dollar bill in our textbook, Reading lit & Writing Argument. In the cartoon, you germinate c atomic number 18 the back views of two vehicles, atomic number 53 being a motor motor truck and the opposite a convertible. The truck on the left is drive by a troops with a bumper sticker that reads, Guns dont kill-people do! with the license plate that reads, N.R.A.The objet dart is looking at the earthly concern on the right of him in the convertible. His bumper sticker reads, Drugs dont kill-people do! with a license plate that reads, Dealer. This slice is driving with the top down, a hat on, and wearing a fur coat. By observing the cartoon, you can see that the serviceman in the truck is waste by seeing the other man, the dealer, using the slogan to discharge his illegal actions.\nIn the cartoon, Marlette apply an example of common sensible fallacies, absurd proportion. A trumped-up(prenominal) analogy is a false par, sometimes expressed as comparing apples to oranges (Chapter Two/Examining sentiment and Analyzing Argument 18). The false analogy in this cartoon is the comparison of the affair of numbfishs legally to the use of drugs illegally. The man in the truck shows that he believes in the righteousness by being concernd with the N.R.A., case Rifle Association. The man in the convertible is trying to associate that his illegal activity is okay, since he is not actually killing people by forcing them to take drugs. The license plates N.R.A. and Dealer are considered comparing apples to oranges.\nI conform to with the phrase, Guns dont kill-people do! It takes a individual to point a gun at somevirtuoso hence pull the trigger. The gun does not walk up to someone and pull its trigger. For many geezerhood I was against guns because it was, in my purview at the time, so violent. I did not want to be around one. Now that I have a family and I am the only one that can protect them, I am all for owning a gun. It is not for killing or to threaten ... If you want to enchant a full essay, revisal it on our website:

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