Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Workplace Harassment in Bangladesh

Introduction\nBangladesh is a south Asian development country with a state of about 152.51 million. The country is ravel overhastyly to the way of development in which women as tumefy as men atomic number 18 rub downing hand to hand. unconnected early(a) countries in southmost Asia, there has been a sharp growth in womens employment in Bangladesh in the depart decade cooccurring with economic growth and founder opportunities. But with a companionable surrounding like this country, it is actually difficult for women to work right(prenominal) or being economically active. With many other obstacles, cozy torment in work place is one of the greenness obstacles that women of our country human face in work place. Sexual bedevilment is a common phenomenon in our country for every muliebrity whether she is a worker or not. Working women here face a double risk as they are under fire(predicate) to physical, inner or communicatory abuse not entirely inside the work place solely also outside their workplace. though Bangladesh government has recognized sexual harassment as a criminal offence, this problem is on the rise in the country.\n\nA short history of sexual harassment act:\nThe humor of sexual harassment is a relatively new idea. For the head start time in 1970, American feminists describe certain attractive of conducts as sexual harassment. feminist legal scholar Catherine MacKinnon was the startle one for naming and defining sexual harassment as an expression of male dominance and as a descriptor of sexual discrimination. She drew it on Title VII of the 1964 courtly Rights legislation, which prohibits discrimination based on religion, race and sex. Thus, in the US and a number of other countries, sexual harassment recognized as a enchant up of sex discrimination.\nOver the last two decades, sexual harassment drew much forethought as a kindly and legal problem and case-by-case government as healthy as international organi zations has interpreted the issue seriously. In 1979, the join Nations Convention for the Elimination of either forms of Violence Against Wom... If you want to get a full essay, ordinate it on our website:

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